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ceramic color glaze different types of spoon snack bowl

ceramic color glaze different types of spoon snack bowl
ceramic color glaze different types of spoon snack bowl
  • ceramic color glaze different types of spoon snack bowl
  • ceramic color glaze different types of spoon snack bowl
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Product Information

Brief Introduction on Glaze Ceramic

  Glaze porcelain is also called color glaze porcelain, using the color change of glaze water to decorate the porcelain, usually adjusting the content of glaze trace elements can achieve the purpose of changing glaze color, such as copper lead red, cobalt blue, iron black, green and so on.


Colorful Glaze Ceramic vase and ice cream bowl

-         Different color of vase will be an interesting experience.Bright your heart,in a good mood.ice cream bowl

 vase interesting shape with leg color glazecolor glaze spoon snack bowl


  1.High quality standard. Suitable for high class hotel & restaurant

  2.Low water absorption, Temperature extremes

  3.Wearable, Color glaze durable, Edge chip resistance

  4.Firing at high temperatures, the more dense matrix sintering, glaze of goof quality clay.

  5.Dishwasher and Microwave safe

  6.Lead-free, Eco-friendly, Unique


  1: Factory directly, Premium porcelain, Competitive price, Fast delivery, Diverse designs.

  2.Unique ceramic plates design with high quality and competitive price, hand-painted, decal or color glazed.

  3.Shapes, sizes, decal design and colors can be tailor-made.

  4.Strict quality control and management implimented

  5. Moulding: we can open the new dinner set mould according to customer's original sample and technical drawings

Other Creative Glaze porcelain sauce bottle

 very cute cruet with cover yellow pink blue

unique design two people hung sauce bottlesauce spoon scoop glaze
Why choose us

  1. We can meet your demand for one-stop shopping. (a production workshop more than 10,000 square meters, a large showroom of 10,000 square meters and 30 stores)

  2. More than 10 years experience of production, sales, after-sales service completely eliminate your worries.

  3. We earn the title of "China's newest top ten hotel supplies"

  4. We have our own R&D team, and accept OEM/ODM.

  5. We have strict quality control so that our products can reach an acceptable quality level.

  6. We have up to hundreds of partners in the international market, and we are well received by the industry.


Tontile One-step shopping showroom

all kinds of product used in hotel in our showroom 



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